Rick Smith-The Mind Behind Securus Success

Rick Smith was announced as the CEO of Securus on June 23, 2008.The Company was formed by two leading corrections market industries (Evercom and T-Netix) .The merging of the two industrial enterprises happened on September 2004. Under the leadership of Rick Smith, Securus Company has shot to the leading correction in market.The unwavering patience in their customer services as well as development projects of the company, which has rendered it the lead in architecture due to its high level of innovation. It is evident that Rick Smith is the ideal CEO for the company.

Besides being a good leader, Rick Smith has a rich academic background and experience in the field. Rick has a BSc in Electric engineering, masters in mathematics and an MBA. With this qualifications, Rick has worked in several companies in his career life before landing to Securus. He has a good review from each institution that he worked for in the past. Rick Smith raised the revenue of Eschelon Telcom to $350million from $30million in his nine years as its CEO. He also developed EBITDA to $80 million which is a CAGR of 48%. It is this vast experience that Rick has that led to his endorsement as the CEO of Securus.

Securus technology is a profit making organization that collaborates with the prison administration in the provision of the penitentiary technology. The firm focuses on using its technology on protecting the society. Currently, the company is specializing in both criminal and civil technology. Technically, Rick leads the company towards creating technology that helps in reducing the level of crimes both in the outside world as well as in the cells of the inmates.

Through Securus Company, CEO commits to ensure that he provides technology that simplifies and improves prisons performances. The technology also takes care of the prisoners needs by ensuring there can communicate with their relatives in friends. Provision of this kind of technology to the prisoners could adversely affect the system if the technology were misused. Rick, therefore, takes a precaution by coding the inmate’s equipment by confining them to specific tasks only. This is to ensure that the convicts do not employ Securus technology for other purposes other than the intended purpose.

On the brighter side, Securus technology has added a little comfort to the inmates by giving them a chance to make both visual and voice calls to their special ones. The communication cement the relationship between the detainees and their families, making the reunion easier after their release. Being locked up behind bars for years could lead to confusion after being released; to ensure that this doesn’t happen, Securus Company has embedded an email setup in the devices, where the inmates can see and follow the developments of the outside world.

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