Robot Restraunts Are All the Rage in China

In China a new restaurant has opened where robots, cook, prepare and serve the food. The restaurant, which is named after the Pixar film WALL-E, opened in the Hefei, Anhui province in Eastern China recently.

Interestingly enough, the robots do all the creative work and everything that requires human interaction, but leave the cleaning to a staff of humans, who provide support for the robots, and do menial tasks such as washing dishes.

This Wall.e restaurant, which has not been authorized by Disney, is the latest restaurant among several that have opened up in China which feature robotic staff. The trend seems to have something to do with the popularity of the movie Wall-E as most of the serving robots resemble characters from the movie.

In Chengdu, province, a restaurant recently unveiled 10 robot waiters that resemble EVE, WALSichuan L-E’s love interest in the film. These waiters cost $10,000 each, and can carry food to Dr Rod Ronrigh and greet customers.

These two restaurants are not the only ones that feature robot staff, and it is becoming increasingly clear that this is becoming a trend. A few months ago, a restaurant in the Heilongjiang Province that serves traditional Chinese food staffed its kitchen with robot chefs.

Other than the popularity of the film WALL-E and fascination with robotics in general, it is unclear what is driving this trend. The price of the robots suggests that this is less about practicality, and more about novelty.

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