Seattle Geneticist Targeting Cancer

Dr. Clay Siegal is a Seattle geneticist that specializes in creating gene therapies that should help in the fight against cancer and other diseases.

Siegall is fighting cancer while he is the CEO and founder of Seattle Genetics.

His credentials should help him in the war against cancer. He has a B.S. in zoology from the University of Maryland and a doctorate from George Washington University in genetics.

His credentials should prepare him for the fight against cancer. He has a B.S. zoology as well as a Ph.D from George Washington in the field of genetics.

After getting his Ph.D, he helped start a company called Seattle Genetics. He has helped lead this company in getting the first-ever antibody drug conjugate to be approved by the FDA. He has played a part in creating 20 other drugs at the company. He has formed a number of partnerships with drug manufacturers like Bayer, Genentech, Pfizer, etc.

What is also impressive about Siegall’s time at the company is that it was just tiny little startup when he helped found it. He just had a skeleton crew of researchers. The company is now a superpower in the field of cancer research.

Siegal does have plans for the future. He has several drugs in the development pipeline. These drugs will add to the company’s already impressive portfolio. This drug portfolio should help the company become an important player in the fight against cancer in the 21st century.

Siegal does have some spare time to have a blog at Your text to link…. A person would think that his blog would be about the the medical or genetics field. The main focus of his blog is actually what is happening in the American pro football league named the NFL. All headline are about events that are happening in the NFL such as the Chicago Bears releasing one of their running backs or Alex Boone,a football player, felt “weird” walking in a locker room. There is only one headline that seems to close to science and it is a headline about a Brazilian bird. It seems that SIegal wants his personal and business lives to be separate form each other.

At work, Siegal is fighting cancer while at home, he is enjoying his favorite sport.

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