Securus Documents Highlights Pattern Of Fraud By Global Tel Link

Securus America Inc., one of the largest law enforcement telecommunications providers in the country, has recently been reported by PR Newswire releasing transcripts highlighting the wrongdoings of its competitor, Global Tel Link (GTL).

The shocking reports expose years of fraud and integrity breaches perpetrated against thousands of clients. The Louisiana Public Service Commission has complaints dating back to 1998. GTL, which contracts with the Louisiana Department of Correction, has overcharged taxpayers over $1.2 million.

“Our industry was set up to provide service for clients in an honest and fair way,” said Securus CEO Rick Smith. “When companies engage in business practices such as this, it gives a black eye to everyone.”

Smith says the goal of releasing the reports was to embarrass GTL into changing their ways. Smith went on to say that he hopes the next six months of report releases will do the trick. Calls to the company have gone unanswered.

An investigation by the Louisiana Public Service Commission revealed the following findings and published them on PR Newswire:

GTL unlawfully advanced clocks to artificially inflate call time; GTL programmed phone calls to charge callers rates above the sanctioned caps and GTL artificially inflated calls after they were rated; GTL regularly double-billed calls. Non of the practices could be justified in any manner and were done for no other reason than to bilk customers.

The industry must have a higher level of integrity and oversight, according to Smith. “I take these violations personally,” said Smith. “This has tarnished our industry, and it’s time for GTL to do the right thing.

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