Securus Technologies Unlocks the Criminal Justice Ambiguities

Prisons and correctional facilities consist of persons of varied nature. Some of whom may be willing to change their wayward ways that lead to their subsequent confinement while others may want to prove their hardcore aspect by committing more crimes. Securus technology provides a powerful inmate technology that helps better manage the correctional facilities including assurance of public safety by curbing inmate on inmate crimes. These one-of-a-kind services appreciative by all stakeholders involved inmates, their friends and families and the management itself.


Securus Technologies has a heavy presence in correctional facilities in the United States enjoying lucrative contracts with the counties, states, and correctional facilities. This somewhat explains the proven performance and efficacy of their technological products they provide. Richard “Rick” Smith, the CEO periodically receives reviews about the services of Securus Technologies from their customers who ordinarily are prisons, jails, and correctional centers.


Richard Smith says that their services have been able to aid the investigation. Criminals who have been captured and arrested from their calls and voice records that have pointed out to associated persons to inmates. It has also helped bring justice, improved the management and monitoring capabilities and track down illegal activities such as drug trafficking, alcohol abuse, threats, homicide, sexual relations among others. Securus Technologies has brought the environment within and around correctional centers a safe hub and helped enforce the law.


About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an inmate telecommunications service provider in North America based in Dallas, Texas, United States. Its technological services have been applied overwhelmingly in over 2600 correctional facilities making the company expand horizontally and launch three subsidiary offices in Carrollton, Allen and Atlanta, Georgia.


Richard Smith is the Chief Executive Officer since 2008 and has progressively moved the company a notch higher through technological innovations and engaging in contractual obligations for the company. In his tenure, Securus Technologies has merged, acquired other companies including T-Netix and Evercom and invented the restriction to contraband cell Phones.


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