Sentiel Ascend: A Game Changer in Multi-Variate Testing Solutions

Artificial intelligence has slowly made its way through businesses, more so those that operate on the internet. Amongst the companies that have embraced the use of artificial intelligence and are helping others embrace it too is Sentient AI, which is easily regarded as a global leader. Sentient AI has been providing online marketers with platforms that allow them to stand out and make their businesses soar. The company recently introduced a new Multi-variate testing solution, Sentient Ascend, which has so far made testing more than a hundred times faster than other existing testing solutions.

Before the introduction of Sentient Ascend, the other A/B and multivariate testing solutions were not only slow, but they required high traffic, and could just manage a handful of tests at the same time. On the other hand, artificial intelligence-assisted multivariate testing allows the business owners to run and apply various tests and changes at the same time, all in the hopes of improving the website conversion rate.

What is Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing allows marketers to reduce years of data testing into just a month. With the new Sentient Ascend, instead of marketers having to pick and try out only a handful of their ideas, they test all ideas they can think of, and all at the same time. The new testing solution makes use of genetic algorithms to single out the best ideas or designs, which is critical in helping a business experience improved performance in an instant.

Many companies confess to finding a savior in multivariate testing. Unlike other A/B testing tools which are either too slow or require too much traffic as mentioned earlier, multivariate solutions prove to save businesses precious time and funds that would be used on the other slower and costly solutions. In addition to allowing simultaneous tests, those who use it are also able to test the changes across all their conversion avenues on different pages during one trial period as well.

Daily, e-commerce businesses continue to struggle with establishing a perfect client experience for potential buyers. And while page designs and product quality consistency are essential, there are other matters that might seem negligible. These issues when focused on can be the difference between one being just a browser, or making a purchase or other related activity. Sentient AI seems to have come up with a solution to all these problems through their AI based multivariate testing tool.

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