Skout Helped Me To Find Great Bloggers For My Website

I always thought that Skout was only a network for dating, and I was not interested in finding a date. I have a great website that has a good amount of members, but I was always looking for more people to join my site. I knew that if I could get some interesting blogs on my website that I would get a more people visiting the site regularly. My site is completely free of charge, and all my money I make comes from ads that I place on the website. Although I’m making a few hundred dollars per month on the site, I knew I could up that amount a lot if I could get more visitors to the site.

I’m a member of the Skout network, and I only used it for chatting here and there. I don’t know why didn’t think of it before, but I decided to start looking for people on the Skout network who like to blog. I would talk to different people on the Skout network, and I asked people if they would like to blog for free as a guest on my website. I had so many people volunteering to blog on my website, and I decided to accept them. At first I had 10 different people volunteering, and they all agreed to blog for free. I added them to my favorite list, so I could find them again in the future.

After using the Skout network for a month to look for bloggers, I was actually able to find a total of 100 bloggers that were all blogging on my website for free. I never really refer to what they were doing as blogging, but I told them that they were contributing their opinions to my website. Since I had so many different opinions being posted on my website, my membership exploded, and my bank account exploded as well. I continued using the Skout network to recruit more bloggers, and it got to the point where I had a huge favorite list on Skout that was filled with bloggers that I worked with.

Thanks to the Skout network, I’ve been able to increase revenue on my website as well as the content on the website. I use Skout on a daily basis so I can recruit others who are interested in sharing their stories and opinions on my website via blogging. I’ve gotten to the point where I make enough money on my website, and I can pay certain bloggers that are really contributing a lot to the site. I look at Skout a lot differently now because I know it’s not just a network to look for love, but it’s a great place to recruit others to help my website to become popular. I also made some great friends on Skout, so I’ve really gained a lot from this network.

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