Skout, one of the best dating sites

Skout is both a cell phone application and a social media website that, even though it is predominately meant for dating, can rival most of the more popular social media platforms. The main reason for this is because there are over a hundred million people using it and if the application is downloaded on a cell phone, shaking the phone initiates contact between two parties from across the world. This function can appeal to people who are interested in learning about foreign cultures, as shaking the phone usually initiates contact between people from different countries, which many people will find to be quite interesting.

Unlike most social networking sites, communicating with other people is encouraged and rewarded. Users are able to unlock achievement rewards for being social, such as the ability to give other users gifts, or to access pictures that are only unlocked after the user obtains credits. People who utilize the social aspects of the site will be rewarded for their behavior, whereas those who just download the program and don’t use it to communicate with others will not receive any incentives to keep using it. This feature ensures that bots do not invade the program and inactive people can easily be identified as not using it very often.

One thing that sets Skout apart from other social networking or dating sites and programs is that it goes out of its way to ensure that everything is kept clean. This ensures that the ability to upload pictures is not abused by users deciding to host nothing but pornographic images. In fact, all uploaded pictures end up being queued, so a live team of people can review the images and remove any that are pornographic or suggestive in any way. By doing this, the application is kept safe; meaning that no one will proposition or harass another user because someone uploaded pornographic pictures.

Content is monitored constantly to ensure the safety of the users. Anything that could be considered lewd or inappropriate ends up being removed as soon as it is noticed, which also eliminates the potential for internet stalkers to post strange or worrying messages to another user. Everything the users post -and not just pictures- must be clean, because Skout is not meant to be a porn site or a naked picture hosting site. People can report harassing or threatening messages, which will be dealt with accordingly; users should never have to worry about people bothering them inappropriately.

However, as Skout is primarily a dating application, users will be pleased to note that they can tease and flirt with anyone they want to– so long as they keep everything clean and tasteful. The application does not prevent people from exchanging contact information, such as e-mail address or phone numbers, though most users understand that as soon as they exchange contact information and get a hold of each other that way, they are no longer protected by Skout’s rules and regulations. However, the majority of the users know better than to give their personal information to anyone else; which is one of the reasons that it is considered a very safe application to use.

It does not cost anything for someone to use the website or application. However, there are some features that, while service is not limited for not using those features, must be paid for through in-application credits. These paid features simply add to the features that free users are already granted, rather than supplying things that would leave a free user at a disadvantage. People on Twitter have been jumping on the bandwagon quite frequently.

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