Skout Organic: Healthy Food for the Adventurer in you

Skout Organic is a fresh face in the organic food market looking to make a niche for its products. Two brothers, Jason and Tony Pastega, along with the help of their father Denny started Scout Organics in Portland Oregon a few years ago. Denny has owned a local gourmet food store since 1979 so branching into the food business was natural for the brothers. Jason is an avid explorer and has spent a great deal of time exploring nature in Oregon. Scout was Jason’s yellow labrador retriever who passed away in 2011. Skout Organic preserves Scout’s memory and her lust for adventure.

Trailbars, trailpaks, and gear are some of the products available through the Skout Organic website. Trailbars and trailpaks are all organic, NON-GMO Project verified, certified gluten free, certified kosher, vegan, dairy and soy free, and contain no refined sugars or fillers. The bars are paks consist of only quality hand picked ingredients. A variety of flavors of trailbars are available for purchase including blueberry-almond, apple-cinnamon, cherry-vanilla, chocolate-peanut butter, and chocolate-coconut. Trailpaks consist of flavored pumpkin seeds that come in three flavors: black pepper barbeque, sea salt, and jalapeno salsa.

Scout Organic really shines in the current market. People pursuing an active lifestyle or people that just need a snack will both appreciate the choice to buy something that can provide them with hours of energy, is great for their body, and tastes great. The Pastegas know the value of including both antioxidants and protein in a snack. Every trailbar has a low amount of sodium as well as adequate amounts of fiber. Pumpkin seeds are an excellent superfood high in protein, zinc, iron, magnesium and omega-3s. By using the location tab on the website you can see if trailbars and trailpaks are sold locally. In my own area, there is a store that carries Scout Organic about ten minutes away.

When I’m in the great outdoors I want a snack that is going to enable me to continue whatever adventure I am on. Scout Organic provides a snack that has quality ingredients and when you treat your body right, you can perform better and longer. I know that when I provide a healthy snack for my body I feel better during and after the activity. I encourage anyone who loves the great outdoors or anyone who just wants a quality snack to try Scout Organic.

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