Skydiving Accident Changes The Course Of Andy Wirth’s Life

Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO Andy Wirth is a well known figure for those within the tourism industry who know him as the manager of many top rated resorts from North America to the Caribbean.

Unfortunately, Andy Wirth almost saw his life and career ended prematurely when strong winds blew him off course during a skydiving jump that would leave him with a severed arm needing almost three months to begin to use once more; the incident not only left Wirth unable to work, but allowed him time to reflect upon his life and his impact on the planet.

Andy Wirth has been a campaigner for the environment for many years and seeks to assist charities and programs designed to protect the planet and the area of California the German born CEO now calls home. During his stay at Squaw Valley as the CEO of historic Squaw Valley Andy Wirth has made a major impact on the Olympic Valley region on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Wirth has brought his skills to the table as a board member of the local airport and works closely with local tourism officials to formulate the future plans for the area.

According to TahoeTopia, The skydiving accident had an unexpected outcome for Andy Wirth in terms of his own life when he found inspiration in a group of Navy Seal’s training in and around Squaw Valley Resort. The inspiration Wirth found in their story has seen him look to raise funds for families of injured Seal’s through the triathlons he has once again begun to participate in –

The friends and colleagues who have also inspired Wirth are many, including those who helped organize a triathlon at Squaw Valley on the condition Andy Wirth himself participated in aid of his return to life after his life threatening skydiving accident.

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