Slyce Announces Fourth Quarter Results and Events

Slyce, which is a leading image recognition platform, most definitely had a banner year in 2015. They truly gained a lot of ground in their goal to continue to be on the cutting-edge in the visual search markets. Here is just a few snippets of some of the great activities they have accomplished during the past year:

1. They had great business opportunities.

In August, Slyce was able to announce a partnership with two different retailers including and Neiman marcus. Slyce was able to utilize their mobile image platform to help the customers be ab le to snap a picture of any product and have instant comparisons from the online merchant’s inventory. Moreover, Slyce also announced that they were able to expand the “Snap, Find, Shop” interface with Neiman Marcus. They were able to give customers expanded inventory choices with this option. They also were able to do an awesome amount of work with Urban Outfitters later in the year as well.

2. Slyce had good financing events.

Last month, an investor was able to infuse the company with an amount of $5 Million. The lead investor has also purchased units in the amounts of $3.5 Million and $1.9 Million as well.

3. Finally, Slyce had great technical highlights.

In July of last year, Slyce was able to introduce an image recognition enabled customer app called “Craves”. This application is a boutique-style, fashion focused shopping app that is available in iOS for U.S. and Canadian stores. In August, Slyce was able to expand their “pounce” platform to the android platform, and in September the company introduced Slyce Insights, which is capable of collecting data from various visual searches in order to provide “Key Performance Indicators” (KPI’s) to retailers. And in October Slyce had another coup de ‘etat when they introduced a money-saving concierge service called “Scout”, made available for all of their SnipSnap coupons apps.

Slyce has indicated strongly that they are a company on the rise. They continue to do many different out-of-the-box ideas in order to be an asset to the online retail world and an asset to society as well.

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