Susan McGalla Knew She Had What it Takes

Although many women have been able to make it to the top of their careers, there are many women who still aren’t quite sure about what practical measures they can take to help make them successful, as well. There have been many different steps that government, and even non-government, organizations have taken to reduce challenges such as inequality, unequal pay and the lack of women that are in the boardroom. Despite all of the challenges, there are still women in positions of power who have proven that they can be effective leaders and that they are able to take up any challenge. Many women have started to take a stance in many positions in the corporate world and even lead roles in different companies. Some have even established and currently manage ventures of their own.

The business world is one area that has had many powerful women. The business world once was a no-go zone for many women since it was completely populated by men. Recently, however, this has taken a turn and many women in business, such as Susan McGalla, are continuing to make themselves known. Many of these women are also helping other women reach the top of their careers, as well.

Susan McGalla currently is a very successful business woman who knows just what it takes to reach the top and to also remain there! It is understood by McGalla that the individual is in charge of identifying and achieving their own potential and the traits that are necessary to help them reach extraordinary. McGalla realized that only she was able to help herself reach her highest potential, so she did what it took to get there!

McGalla is the founder of a company known as P3 Executive Consulting. This company is located in Pittsburgh. In addition to this, McGalla is also the Director for the Pittsburgh Steelers Strategic Planning and Growth department. McGalla also has a lot of experience working in retail as well as clothing.

Back in 1986, McGalla started out working at a company known as Joseph Horne Company and then later left to work for American Eagle Outfitters. All of her hard work helped her to become the President as well as the Chief Merchandising Officer of the entire company. She later left this company so that she could work as a private consultant for the retail industries as well as the financial investment. However, Wet Seal wanted McGalla as their CEO, so she joined them as the CEO and then later left so that she could work as a consulting expert.

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