Susan McGalla Talking About How Women Can Achieve Success in Corporate World

Susan McGalla is one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the United States. She is the founder of the business consulting firm by the name of P3 Executive Consulting Inc; She has helped many companies achieve their business goals with her business foresight and understanding. Over the years, Susan McGalla has held prominent positions in many organizations, where she has performed exceptionally well to ensure that the company achieves their business objectives. Susan McGalla served as the President of the American Eagle Outfitters Inc and the CEO at Wet Seals Inc.

Susan McGalla believes that women should focus on their career and there are many ways they can achieve their goals. She says the first thing that women should do is to ensure that they complete their education. It is essential that women today complete their education as it is what would help them achieve their dream in the corporate world. The educational qualification plays a significant role in the corporate world, and if the candidate is not qualified enough, getting higher up in the corporate world is difficult.

Susan McGalla also believes that the companies these days should even have sensitive recruitment policies towards women so that women should be encouraged and given equal opportunities in the workplace. Susan says that what most women lack in the corporate world is some amount of guidance and mentoring and if the enterprises have a well-defined mentoring program at work, more women would be able to achieve what they set out to. The women empowerment initiatives are also constructive, but in collaboration with mentoring, it would become more efficient in getting the desired results. Susan McGalla says that women should complete their education and must plan their finance well in advance to ensure that they do not have any issues or lose out on time when going for higher education.

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