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Dr. David Samadi: Urology Expert and Celebrity Doctor

Dr. David Samadi is the leading expert and Chairman of Urology in Lenox Hill Hospital since June 2013. He also serves as the Chief of Robotic Surgery in Urology at the same hospital. Dr. Samadi is well-known for his procedures that involve minimally invasive treatments. This is why he also became the Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery in the Department of Urology as well as Chief of the Division of Robotics in The Mount Sinai Hospital. Dr. David Samadi is a known oncologist specializing treatments in robotics and minimally invasive procedures for prostate cancer.

His years of expertise allowed him to be a board-certified urologist, a leader in men’s health and performs diagnosis and treatment of different types of urologic-related conditions such as kidney cancer, bladder cancer, and prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi also recommends therapy treatments that help eliminate incontinence, sexual dysfunction and overall health and wellness.

Latest Interview of Dr. David Samadi

Recently, the staff from Ideamensch has interviewed Dr. Samadi and his experiences as a urologist. In the interview, Dr. Samadi discussed his new procedure called SMART surgery. It stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. The traditional approach would be named as nerve-sparing prostate surgery, which removes the nerves before the removal of the prostate. The typical side effects of the conventional method include incontinence and importance. This is why some men prefer to prolong their prostate removal which exacerbates the symptoms.

Through Dr. David Samadi’s approach, he aims to separate the prostate from the surrounding nerves through a microscopic precision device. This robotic-assisted technique is used to prevent damage to the nerves and the sphincter. He hopes that the technique would be able to help men who are anxious about the side effects of a prostate surgery. He also discusses the trends that he sees in the surgery industry and is looking forward to being a contributor and a researcher about developing the best practices.

Dr. David Samadi and Other Endeavors

Dr. David Samadi also hosts his own show on his website at Dr. Samadi TV. In his TV show, he discusses several health issues and trends that are relevant to the population.

He provides practical information, tips and other useful insights about health through preventative measures, finding the right consultations, and other medical-related procedures that bring awareness to the general public. Dr. Samadi goes on a weekly live stream every Sunday, at 12:30 PM, EST.

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