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Jason Hope and SENS Foundation on reversing the aging process

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist has a new calling in his life; he has a mission of reversing the aging process. The aging process is one of the most challenging aspects of humanity that has plagued most of the medical experts. Since Jason Hope is familiar with the struggles to get the “fountain of youth,” he has managed to fund some of the programs in different organizations to come up with this elixir of life.

One of the foundations that Jason Hope is funding is SENS Foundation. SENS Foundation is an organization that is focused on coming up with new ways of preventing and treating diseases; it is also focused on finding ways to improve our day to day lives. In the organization, the biotech lab facility studies living organisms in order to come with new products that will help improve our lives. It does not stop there, the biotech division also works on ways to improve the farming methods to increase the production of quality food products, and enhance the current curative drugs that help to fight diseases.

SENS Foundation was formed in March 2009 and it is known for researching ways of countering the aging process. It is working its way to educating the public on their opinion on the revolution that is about to happen. In its mission, SENS Foundation is looking at transforming the way research is done and the way treatments of aging are handled.

SENS’ mission is around repairing the body cells of an individual to prevent the aging effects. This is a separate approach different from the general research on illnesses, but focusing more on the root causes of the disease at the basic level.

What Jason Hope also likes about SENS Foundation is that the foundation also funds promising research that is different from their own in different organizations and institutions. Some of the institutions that SENS Foundation is funding include Havard, University of Arizona, Cambridge and Yale.

Additionally, SENS foundation also has an outreach program to donors, influencers, politicians and volunteers through conferences and events that are planned to raise awareness about the work that they are doing, and how it is going to impact the society at large. Jason Hope cannot be more happy with the organizations he is funding. Jason hope’s that he is going to find the cure for aging really soon, its just a matter of time before we get wind of something.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope