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IDLife Improves Service Delivery through Partnership with Garmin

Individually Designed Life, IDLife, is a health and wellness company that focuses on offering personalized nutritional solutions. The company is founded under the principal that every person has his unique nutritional needs. This understanding helps them provide you with a customized nutritional program that helps you lead a healthy life. Joining IDLife is simple as all you have to do is go to their website and fill in a confidential self-assessment health form. The details you provide are used to create an individualized vitamin program with scientifically approved supplement recommendations.

IDLife Formation and Products

IDLife was founded in 2014 by Logan Stout who is also the company’s CEO. Logan has massive experience in entrepreneurship. Being a former athlete, Stout perfectly understands the need for leading a healthy lifestyle and has knowledge on the right nutrition to help one stay fit.

The company specializes in providing skin care products that are formulated to provide anti-aging defense hence leaving you with a younger and healthy looking skin. They have products designed for kids to ensure that your child achieves optimal health while growing up. The company also has products for appetite control, sleep improvement, energy shot, IDLife shake, and nutrition.

Partnership with Garmin

In June, IDLife added a new menu in their site where you can now purchase Garmin’s Vivo trackers directly from their site. This came after the two companies, IDLife and Garmin, partnered to offer better services to their clients. Garmin is a technology based company that specializes in devices for improving healthy and active lifestyle such as wearable fitness trackers.

The partnership makes a lot of sense since the two companies have a mission of seeing people improve their lifestyles. Everyone who has an IDLife application can synchronize data from the wearable fitness tracker with the app. In addition, the partnership has made it easy for the two companies to reach more people and help them lead happy and healthy lives. Customers from the two companies will benefit from technologically advanced fitness equipment from Garmin to help track their workouts. They will also have access to top in line supplements to cater for their nutritional needs.

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