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2016 has been nothing but a fantastic year for the ecommerce, fashion and technology industry. In that year alone the industry recorded a total of 72 billion US dollars. While this is enough reason to celebrate, with revenues projected at 116 billion US dollars by 2021 puts these celebrations at a standstill for as for now. A number of industries both start ups and experienced have capitalized on a different strategies to market their business including social media marketing and CRM technology. Subscription strategies pioneered by one fashion company, TechStyle Fashion Group is also known to have positive impacts in the revenue generation.

Pioneering the industry

TechStyle through its former company JustFab are what can be called the pioneers of the industry. In 2010, the fashion-based business led by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler started out a monthly subscription based program for their products. The success in revenues, sales figures and customer loyalty saw the business incorporate this marketing program in all its businesses including Fabletics after it had rebranded in 2016.

About Adam Goldenberg

Goldenberg one of the company’s co-founders is an amazingly gifted individual. Mr. Adam made a debut in the entrepreneurial industry at a tender age of 13 years. At 17 years the young man was selling his gaming console business to Intermax. After the sale, Intermax retained the services of Mr. Goldenberg making him the youngest ever COO in history at a tender age of 19 years. Thanks to his passion of technology Adam was able to see a number of different business opportunities which consequently made him leave Intermax and partner with his friend and fellow entrepreneur Don Ressler and form a number of companies.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in addition to being passionate about technology, they too are passionate about meeting their customers’ satisfaction levels. All the technology invested by the company has been geared to meet the needs of the customers which suffice to say they have exceedingly achieved.

Reinventing the digital office

Being a leading Techfasion business, image is very important to TechStyle Group. Going by the standards of the stylish 120,000-square-foot El Segundo corporate headquarters, the company has not disappointed. In addition to being a welcoming environment, the ambiance of the place is inviting with the business encouraging socialization and friendliness towards the employees.

Currently TechStyle has an employee population of two thousands employees and over four million subscribers. Its projected revenues for 2017 is at 700 million US dollars with the prospect of the business calling for an IPO being discussed in harsh tones.

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