Tempus Labs Recieves Unicorn Funding Thanks To Co-Founder Eric Lefkofsky

Tempus Labs, a Chicago based company for the last two years has been working their hardest to use machine learning and other techniques to really fully understand every aspect of a cancer patients tumor. Using these techniques can help to personalize treatment for each patient to best fit their needs when it comes to their tumor and where it is located. Tempus works with many different cancer-fighting groups such as the University of Chicago, Mayo Clinic, and many other groups to help them get farther with their research and learn more information about helping their patients with their treatment plans.

Recently Tempus Labs has raised $80 million in unicorn funding to help them in their mission to help patients and their families when it comes to personalizing treatment plans more specifically based on one’s tumor. Tempus Lab’s mission is to take care of their patients and their loved ones and accommodate their needs more than most of the other cancer technology research companies out there do. The first thing on the employees of Tempus Lab’s minds is how they can best help out a patient.

Tempus Labs has a huge growing team of over 4,000 employees and grows by about 30 new employees each month. With the help of more funding, Tempus Labs is hoping to grow the number of employees hired over time to more than 30 a month. Tempus Labs would not be where it is today without the help of Co-founder Eric Lefkofsky. Eric Lefkofsky makes it his mission to make sure that everything runs smoothly at Tempus Labs and to help in the process of battling cancer as much as possible. Eric Lefkofsky is a co-founder of Tempus Labs for many reasons but his main two reasons are that he has first-hand experience with a loved one undergoing cancer treatments and he also believes that it is important to improve cancer treatments and their effectiveness.

Tempus Labs will continue its mission to make a difference in patients lives when it comes to their cancer treatment plans and will also work hard to make the experience better for those who may have cancer in the future.

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