The Advantage of Image Recognition

Product recognition comes with all sorts of benefits that can help you out during your daily routine. It doesn’t matter if you are just interested in where to buy something or just curious as to what kind of shirt someone wore in that new movie, there is a way to identify all of that, all without crunching your brain to figure out the allocated keywords best suited to match your search up with Google. So what is image recognition and how can it make your life easier? Here are a few reasons why you need to check it out and what all it is able to do for you.

So What Exactly Is Image Recognition?

Search engines have come a long way saints the early days, but for the most part, it is still just you typing in words into a blank bar at the top of a computer screen. Sure, the searches are better and more sophisticated, but for the most part, the method is the same. With image recognition, it completely blows the lid right off of Internet search and gives you a brand new tool to find what you are looking for. Instead of just typing in random words and crossing your fingers for a desirable responds, you upload an image into the search engine and the engine then cross references it with every other product image it has previously scanned and cataloged. This way, it can give you results better than any kind of long tail keyword ever could.

Why Do You Want it?

Alright, so it is a new kind of search feature. Why in the world should you actually be excited about it? Other than being bumped that an image recognition company called Slyce is designing it, image recognition is going to make your online browsing life easier than you ever though possible. Gone are the days of struggling to describe that killer pair of pumps you saw someone wearing. Now, all you need is that image you snapped with your smart phone in order to share with your friends. You just upload it and there you go. You instantly know where it is from, how to buy it and even similar products, if you don’t want to completely copy the style of someone but would rather one up them and go with something cooler and better.

Just remember, image recognition is the way of the future, and it is time for you to hop on.

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