The Frightening Aftermath of the Ashley Madison Scandal

The infamous Ashley Madison website hack is not something that has faded into the proverbial sunset. The fallout from the hacking scandal seems to be never ending. The New York Post recently published a report about troubling emails that have been sent to people who were members of the extramarital affair dating website.

Those affected by the Ashley Madison hack received emails noting their identity and affiliation with the dating community. One person received an email requesting $500 be paid via Bitcoin within three days. If the payment was not made, the social media accounts of the users would be used to inform various friends and relatives of the person’s membership on Ashley Madison.

One person who was targeted by the “scammers” revealed he joined the Ashley Madison site because he has having marital problems. Even though he was a member of the site, he never had an affair.

The former member quickly turned to Darius Fisher and Status Labs for help. Status Labs is an online reputation management firm based out of Austin, TX and has regional offices in New York City and San Paulo Brazil. The company provided crisis counseling to many who suffered from the Ashley Madison hack. Fisher noted that changing social media settings to private is the first step to take. This way, no friends or family can be located through the site. Fisher also pointed out that it would be exceedingly unwise to pay anyone any money.

In addition to providing services to those harmed in the Ashley Madison scandal, the firm has helped rebuild the reputation of scores of other clients who experienced all sorts of different online reputation harm. Status Labs has helped alter online impressions whether they be from bad reviews, legal woes, or other issues.

Negative information that appears on the internet is going to remain in place until something proactive is done. Search engine results are not going to change on their own. Effective work has to be done and performed by professionals. Most importantly, it needs to be done quickly.

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