The Gene for a Stroke

Those who have a fear of having a stroke might find comfort in the latest information that has been discovered. There is a gene that could possibly decrease the risk of a stroke for some people. This might not be something that will benefit everyone, but it’s a step in the right direction. If there is one person who doesn’t have to suffer from the side effects of a stroke because scientists have pinpointed a gene, then it will be worth everything involved. A stroke is a disease that can change the life of someone, and Sam Tabar has had family members that were affected in the past. They might not be able to walk or talk again, relying on nurses or family members to take care of them. There will need to be further tests conducted, but if doctors can detect the gene, then there might be something that they can do to help prevent a stroke in some people.

One thought on “The Gene for a Stroke”

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