The Genius of John Textor

I have seen the world of John Textor, and I must say that he has quite the impressive resume. He may be one of the most exciting people in Hollywood because he has a vision that is unlike anything else that is out there. I know of Textor for his famous Michael Jackson illusion, but I recently discovered that he has a long history of Hollywood excellence.

The illusion of Michael Jackson was a very interesting type of illusions. I saw this on the Billboard Awards, and I thought it was simply amazed. I could not believe my eyes. It was the most incredible thing that I have even seen. It is rather easy to see how he could have become of the most prominent digital special effects people of this time. He has had a lot of graphics in movies. John’s digital effects company has actually produced Oscar winning graphics. This sets him apart from the rest.

I have seen some of what he has done in movies through the Digital Domain company, but I have been the most impressed with his strong ties to the illusions on stage. Textor has said that the MJ performance was not actually a hologram but an illusion. This is the same thing that he has said for the Tupac illusion. I didn’t really know the difference, but Textor explains this process. I have read where he stated that there was a projection of an image on a glass. There is a lot of complexity involved in the actual animation process because they were chartering new territory. They were not in a place where they were going to recreate a Jackson image to old music. To the contrary, they were trying to synchronize Jackson to dance moves that he did from old performances for new songs. With the new “Slave to the Rhythm” song John Textor would have to embrace a whole range of movement that would tie into the song. It had to look like an old Michael Jackson performance was actually tied to a new Michael Jackson song.

That is the type of complex movements and illusions that John Textor and his team have taken on, and they’re featured on his YouTube website. There is some buzz about the possibility of a Whitney Houston illusion as well. All of this sparks even more attention to the genius of John Textor. He has created dazzling images to entertain millions.

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