The Outstanding Growth Of OSI Industries In Food Processing

The Outstanding growth of OSI Industries in Food Processing
OSI Industries is an American food processing company. It supplies high quality food products across the States. Its products are among the best globally. It is a privately owned corporation. The company has maintained a highly organized chain in the food industry, from processing to distribution. Their organization enables them to deliver high-quality products to their consumer and at the required time.

The company has numerous offices spread over the globe. It has approximately 20,000 members of staff. The company focusses primarily on providing high-quality products and services to its consumers. It also ensures that its services are accessible to all its consumers anywhere in the world.

Baho Food is a meat processing firm. It is a Dutch Based Corporation. OSI Industries has recently acquired this company. The acquisition has indeed accessorized the efficiency of both Baho Foods and OSI Industries. It has created better access of the European markets to the OSI Industries. Similarly, OSI Industries’ great consumer- supplier relationships have greatly complemented Baho Foods’ achievements. Both the management team of Baho Food and the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI industries expressed their excitement about working together to achieve higher goals and produce better quality products.

Far from Baho Foods, OSI Industries is also working together with a food processing company known as Flagship Europe. This company majorly supplies sauces, mayonnaise, and dressings. They as well provide poultry produce. The purchase has enabled Flagship Europe to access more resources than they used to. It as well allows Flagship Europe to strengthen its influence in the international markets. Similar to Baho Food, Acquisition of Flagship Europe was a strategy to expand OSI Industries’ European influence. Flagship Europe’s line of products has also greatly supplemented OSI Industries’ product provision.

OSI Industries have as well bought up Tyson Food Plant. This is a food processing facility and warehouse located in Chicago. The plant was formerly owned by Tyson Foods. The plant enabled OSI industries to meet its consumers’ increasing demands. The term of exchange of this facility between Tyson Foods and OSI Industries was not released to the public. Unfortunately, the plant was closed in late 2015.

OSI Industries has provided exemplary services. They have also received honors in recognition to their environmental and health control. They were awarded the Globe of Honor Award in 2016. The award was given to them by the British Safety Council.

The OSI Industries s ranked among the top 100 food industries in the United States. This is because of its constant growth and innovations. Their exceptional service provision is also a major contributing factor to their position in the state.

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