The Password Might Be Vanishing

One staple of digital life that users across the internet have had to deal with for years is remembering passwords. Often websites require unique combinations and complex configurations that challenge the memory of even the most internet savvy people. Furthermore, two step authentication is gaining traction to verify the identity of a user to get access to an account, but one company has decided that there might be a chance that users want to leave the password behind.

According to The Verge, Yahoo has unveiled instant passwords that simplify the process of logging into any account. Basically, when anyone wants access to any account, like a photo storage service, an email is sent that includes a one-click access link. The link serves as the password and access is granted. Sergio Cortes sees that, obviously, there are some privacy and security concerns with the service, but necessarily any more than a basic password. The move to instant passwords could catch on with minor services where privacy is not really an issue, which would be a major boom to the Yahoo bottom line.

Whether or not the password will actually disappear from user log-in accounts remains to be seen, but just the notion that major internet companies are considering a new way of getting users to identify themselves is pretty big news. If any type of system can catch on even in a minor way, the development of the idea could spur major innovation into a system that has been largely unchanged for a decade.

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