The Refreshing Spring/Summer 2016 Apparel Line From Fabletics

Each year welcomes spring and summer with a refreshing break from the neutral earth tones of fall and winter with new colors, cuts, patterns and trends in fashion. Nowhere is this more evident than in casual apparel, as everyone takes on an abundance of outdoor activities, and even office wear becomes less strict to beat the summer heat. This year, the casual wear trend continues with the marriage of athletic wear with casual stylings that can go from workout to everyday apparel. Fabletics is a leader in leisure athletic wear, spearheaded by social media and its co-founder Kate Hudson, who is the inspiration behind Fabletics new Spring and Summer 2016 line of active wear clothing.

The Clothes Maiden Magazine is spotlighting the new active wear line that invites its huge consumer base to follow their core belief “Life is a journey with ups and downs, challenges and triumphs. Stay focused on your truth. -Kate Hudson.” And while you’re at it, you may as well be comfortable and stylish. Kate Hudson is dedicated to empowering women to live an active and healthy lifestyle through Fabletics of mix and match outfits that can go from the gym to running errands. Ms. Hudson not only wears the same outfits but embraces quality and affordability as necessary ingredients for budget conscience young women and moms alike. See:

So what’s in store this year? This season opens with fresh, vibrant pops of color and an assortment of eye-catching patterns from geometric to floral prints. The large community of Fabletics followers don’t mind the concept of color splashing and enjoy adding a bit of personality to their active wear. It’s easy to find a soft, feminine look for lounging to the edgier, more intense workout gear. Either way, this trend of casual clothing is moving from the gym to take a major place in everyday, comfortable living clothing. From Pinterest to Instagram to Facebook, wearers of the Fabletics line of clothing are sharing their inspirational and encouraging each other to to make movement a part of a busy lifestyle.

The Fabletics website offers lifestyle tips and videos from cardio, Pilates and strength training to clean eating tips and healthy recipes. In need of a calming mindset, you will find great information on spirituality, inspiration and Zen-like travel destinations to keep your life balanced and flourishing. Beyond the fantastic spring and summer outfits, Fabletics is quickly becoming a lifestyle choice of easy, healthy and comfortable living.

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