Louis Chenevert Expanding the Market

Born in the year 1958 in Montreal Quebec, Louis Chenevert had a liking in entrepreneurship and business since a young he was a young boy. He embraced the idea that hard work pays and knew with a commitment to his work success was bound to come.

Louis Chenevert went to Montreal University, a business school where he studied production management. He has also been able to get two honorary degrees.

After graduating, Louis Chenevert managed to secure a job with General Motors Company at St. Therese where he began his career where he was in command of the assembly line by the company in Montreal. The work, in general, he learnt to pay undivided attention to detail a lesson they would need later.

After this Loise Chenevert joined PWC Company that manufactured aircraft engine next to Montreal at Canada the year 1993. In the year 1996, he left PWC Company to join larger P&W as the vice president. During his leadership, he was able to reduce engine production period from two years to eight months due to his vast experience,

This earned a promotion in the year 1999 as the president of the same company. However, the company was not doing well then, it took him a dedication to the use of new technology and good leadership make profits again. He was able to cut loses and secure both military and civilian contracts to manufacture design and service plane engines. This made the company attain one billion profits every year.

Due to his good work, P&W came to ask for his services and joined them in 2006 as the chairman. He was also able to attain director at UTC the same year, It was at this time he led the production of turbine engine which revolutionized the company’s profits.

In 2008, Mr. Chenevert became the president and CEO of UTC. To maximize the profits he centralized the production to one central place for quality work. With the support of the team, he made huge profits in those 6 years. During this period he was able to acquire Goodrich Corporation hence expanding the market. In 2014 November Mr. Chenevert retired leaving UTC soaring high.

He also serves on the advisory board as a chairman at Yale Cancer Centre and supports charity activities through fundraising and volunteer work.


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