The Successes and Failures in the Home Cleaning Service Industry

There are many new technologies that make our lives more convenient every year. Many of these new technologies are based around smartphones and apps. These apps make things very convenient for individuals who are looking to streamline their lives. On demand apps like Uber are available for individuals who want to take advantage of modern day instant gratification. There are now apps available which will be able to bring individuals the services they are searching for faster than ever before. The home care and cleaning niche is one industry that is being greatly impacted by the forward moving success of these smartphone apps.

The home service industry is a fast paced and vicious one that leaves many companies to the wayside. There are very few home services companies that have been able to really rise to the top. HomeJoy is an example of a company that has had a hard time competing in the home service marketplace. They have had many problems due to countless lawsuits that are very prevalent in this industry. HomeJoy, despite raising tens of millions of dollars in seed funding, has been forced to file for bankruptcy in the wake of these events. This is an example of a company that was seemly doing everything right, yet still feel upon hard times due to the extremely competitive nature of this industry.

Handy is a company in the home services industry that has been creating a great deal of success for themselves. They have been able to introduce an app that has become very popular among many individuals seeking home cleaning and repair services. These services are carried bout by professionals who are trained, licensed, and insured to give the very best results once hired. Numbers show that it is more difficult for individuals to become employed by Handy than getting into Harvard. This gives customers the peace of mind knowing that only the highest quality professionals are helping to take care of their home based needs.

Handy is moving quickly into a great future where they will reign supreme in the home services market. They have created such a systematic approach to success in the home service industry that it seems nearly impossible for failure to strike this ever growing company.

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