The Uniqueness of Visual Effects in Superhero Films

The superhero movie craze is fueled in large part to the believability of the events depicted on the silver screen. Good screenplays and solid acting do help make very fantastic characters come to life in a believable manner. Let us all be honest for a minute though, these films would be a lot less appreciated without the presence of strong, credible, realistic visual effects. To a great extent, superhero films are a wing of the science-fiction/fantasy genre. This is thanks in large part to the outstanding special effects and art direction found in the movies.

Without amazing special effects, superhero films become oddball potboilers. Old movie serials featuring superheroes generally presented them as rough-and-tumble masked detectives. Where they really any different from detectives who did not wear a mask? No, they really weren’t. Then, watch the classic movie serial featuring Captain Marvel (now known as Shazam). The introduction of brilliant special effects showed what really could be done with a superhero character.

Audiences do have inaccurate perceptions of what superhero visual effects entail.

The visual effects found in superhero films are more than just depictions of characters flying through the air or dodging laser fire. All those CGI explosions are definitely realistic looking and impressive. Yet, they do not properly reflect the totality of the effects that contribute to a memorable movie. Sometimes, the “little things” that come out from the special effects department add nice touches to a cinematic event.

Among those small touches would be the tweaking the landscape in the background of a shot to make it otherworldly. Such a nuanced approach to the backdrop of a scene really does bring out the fantasy element a superhero film is trying to get across.

John Textor is someone who understands all the unique small touches that add up to make a fantastic superhero film more believable. As a major executive with Pulse Evolution Corporation, Textor helps bring holographic images to life. Currently, Textor is bringing his knowledge about visual effects to a new movie in development with Disney.

Disney owns Marvel Comics Studios and has produced a host of wonderful superhero films. The next time you watch a fun D.C. or Marvel superhero movie, look for the small visual effects touches that really bring the characters to life.

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