Three Wengie Life Hacks That Got a Little Personal

Life is unfair at times. Despite your daily efforts, life and all of its burdens often get the best of everybody from time to time. YouTube beauty, Wengie, understands this unfortunate reality and has focused her channel on making life easier. After embracing her viewers with a hug as always, the Australian sweetheart got all too personal with her infamous life hacks.

You May Have Been Going to the Bathroom Wrong

After urging viewers to remember that they are family to her, this blogger got a little personal with this hack. Describing that going number two can be difficult sometimes, she encouraged her fans to either squat over the toilet or to put their feet up on a stool to stimulate bowel movements. Thanks, Wengie, or so everyone thinks.

Never Flush with the Lid Open

The age-old argument still exists. When you flush the toilet, germs do enter the air and land on you, toothbrushes, and more. To avoid this entirely, simply close the lid first.

Make Cleaning the Shower a Breeze

You would think the place that keeps you clean would be, well, clean, right? Unfortunately, shower residue builds up fairly quickly and is difficult to clean. Expensive cleaners tend to do the trick, but not without some elbow grease to boost the effectiveness of the formula. Instead of getting down on your hands and knees to clean, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and a few teaspoons of lemon juice, tie it over the showerhead, and allow it to soak overnight. Simply wipe everything away the next morning.

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