Through Passion and Risk Clayton Hutson Found Success

After attending Central Michigan University to obtain a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Theatre Design and Technical Production, Clayton Hutson went on to work in the live music industry where he gained a great deal of experience. Most notably, he was Production Manager for Prince, P!NK and Bily Graham. Clayton was Monitor Engineer for Maxwell, Backstreet Boys, and Garbage. In addition to a Tour Rigger and Arena Rigger for several other notable performers. As part of his experience, he also got to travel around the world and has been to places in parts of Europe, Australia, and North America.


During the last recession, Hutson decided to start a firm of his own and put all his experience to good use even with the risks involved. It did not matter because he was talented, and had been very successful in working for someone else.


With his firm, Clayton Hutson was able to attract new talent due to his hard-working ethic, attention to detail and the fact he did not shy away from long hours which is typical in live music. These characteristics built him a strong reputation among performers who valued his dedication and professionalism. He continually double-checks his work for mistakes, because the one time that he fails to, it could have compromised safety or resulted in a reduction in performance quality. As such he tends to write down a list of everything that needs to be done, so that not one task, no matter how small is left unchecked.


When it comes to technology, Clayton Hutson sees it as a sweeping change in his industry. Lighting rigs, for example, are brighter, yet lighter and allow him moved them quickly to suit a performer’s needs. Many of today’s concerts feature massive video walls that add to a performance, but at the end of the day, he enjoys the kind of artistry that allows for more eye-catching stunts like acrobatics.


The only regret Clayton Huston has thus far is he wishes he would have prioritized family above everything else. He also would encourage himself to assess situations more honestly, even if there were risks involved when getting someone else to accept the truth, it is a vital characteristic to have early on.


All in all, he has experienced a variety of failures and achievement in his career and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon, but for someone so passionate with what he does, it comes as no surprise. Learn more:

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