Time Zone Changed In A Bid To Ease Problems In Venezuela

The socialist country of Venezuela has become a hot topic on facebook social media all over the world as increasing numbers of financial and political experts look to explain the reasons why the South American country is facing major difficulties. WND has explained the latest decision made by Venezuelan officials to stave off the problems being caused by power and food shortages is to change the time zone of the country.

Clocks in Venezuela were officialy moved back 30 minutes to provide an extra half hour of daylight every evening in a bid to reduce the use of electricity for lighting in the evening. Expert Danilo Diaz thinks that the need to make changes to the time zone comes after Venezuela found itself in the throws of a major debt problem caused by falling oil prices and the problems caused by rising temperatures due to the latest El Nino weather patterns.

After decades of socialist rule the need for change seems to be taking hold within Venezuela as opposition leaders have looked to recall President Nicolas Maduro with a petition containing more than 1.8 million signatures being handed in to the nation’s election board. Power shartages have grown increasingly worse in recent times as the major supply of power comes from hydrio electric plants that are currently plagued by low water levels caused by high temperatures.

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