Touchable Holograms Developed

Holograms have been a mainstay of science fiction, but for the longest time not much ground was truly gained in terms of actually relevant technology that can be used for any practical purposes. The last few years, however, have brought in some significant changes that could very well change the landscape here.

New research on ultrasound gave the possibility to start a process of developing visible and touchable holograms. The project needs to be perfected, but the technology is already known, and according to the creators one can display even several 3D shapes at once. 

Dr. Ben Long led the process of starting up the useful technology. The idea of the team was that medicine would have a real push forward due to the 3D tactile and visual holograms. Since the computer would be able to produce any uploaded shape, researching tumours through the holographic display would become possible. 

The CT scans would thus become much easier to analyse. The device works by distorting the air with help of ultrasounds and covering the shape with a thin layer of oil. The light emitted by the hologram tech lets the viewer distinguish darker and lighter spots, thus the object is perceived as 3D. 

Tom Rothman says the first tech of this kind was presented in December 2014, but it is not known yet whether a mass production will be started soon.

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