Tuning into Tone Can Improve Your Brain

One of the biggest tragedies of aging is that the mind begins to deteriorate at some point. A symptom of this deterioration is a loss of focus, and inability to weed out distractions. This isn’t only a problem for those growing old, but also for many people around the world who suffer from attention deficit disorders or other mental health issues.Scientists at the University of California San Francisco have discovered a way to train the brain so that it can remain focused, and tune out distractions.

The researchers had their test subjects do a type of mental exercise involving different frequencies. The subjects were told to focus on and then identify a certain frequency. Scientists made this increasingly difficult by playing distracting frequencies, and playing frequencies that sounded ever closer to the one the subject was supposed to identify. In both lab rats and humans the training led to fewer distraction related errors, and the memories and attention spans of the subjects improved. Ken Griffin says that this type of training has all kinds of practical applications; from helping the aging to improving the focus of those working in highly stressful and distracting environments.

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