U.S. Citizens Spied on by U.S. Government

Technology has made most American’s lives much easier. Cell phones are owned and used constantly by the majority of people, even children. Generally, people feel like their phone conversations, texts, and app usage are private. Surprise, no they are not! Hackers are not to blame for this privacy leak it is actually our U.S. government U.S. government and collecting information from all of the cell phones that it flies by. Government officials claim that the purpose of the spying is to catch criminals.

This action by our government is most definitely a breach of privacy, according to internet companies like QNet. It is one thing for the government to use invasive technology to track down potentially dangerous criminals, but to utilize this spying tool on law-abiding citizens is wrong.

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  1. This spying has been kept under wraps, the public has a right to know that their privacy has been infiltrated and have the ability to speak our against it. It could also get so interesting that cheap essay help would be able to handle these things properly too.

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