Unmanned Drones Deliver Food in Singapore Restaurants


A group of drones created by the firm Infinium Robotics will become the helpful hand as multiple drone servers at restaurants in Singapore, which will essentially work to bring drinks and dishes in the restaurants owned by the company Timbre Group.

These unmanned drones shall be designed to carry up to 4.4 lbs of food over its structure and to ensure the safety of people, the drones will have a program that synchronizes with infrared emitters.

These infrared emitters allow monitoring the direction of the unmanned drones to avoid collisions that could occur in the vicinity of restaurants using the same device.

Despite the usefulness of these devices, the company says the jobs of human servers will not be affected, and they only want to simplify the work, though it definitely caught some interest among investment groups, one chairman at GP Advisors, Fersen Lambranho couldn’t get over it.

“We want to still have that human touch,” said the general manager of Timbre Group, Edward Chia.

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