This story from 60 Minutes is really big; this is a story about something that has the chance to completely change people’s lives says Homejoy. According to bizjournals, there is a new discovery in the medical community; scientists feel that they have come up with a new treatment that uses the polio virus to kill brain cancer.

We’ve all heard of the really horrible disease called polio that affected millions of children for years, some dying, others paralyzed, until they finally got it under control by discovering a vaccine. Now, scientists at Duke University have discovered that changing up the polio virus a bit and using it as an injection to be put into brain tumors can now save lives. It is still in the beginning stages and the doctors at Duke University are saying that they still cannot promise how well it will work when used for a large number of people, but so far there have been brilliant results in the tests. As the scientists have said, if you are going to get rid of something as strong as cancer, you really have to find something that is extremely strong and can completely obliterate the cancer. It is really an accomplishment because brain cancer is so strong and extremely hard to get rid of. Yet the polio vaccine mix is killing it.

The first two patients that were tested in the trial have been free of cancer for three years from the experiment with the polio infusion. Doctors feel very optimistic about the future of this treatment. They feel that there is a very positive chance of this continuing to work. People will be keeping an eye on how this develops.

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