Wengie – Draw My Life

Wengie, born on January 9, 1986, as a baby she was impossible to feed. Wengie would take a spoonful of rice and suck in it for hours. However, she did like ice cream, every Sunday she would get her grandpa to buy her some ice cream.

Both of Wengies parents left for Australia when she was really little. Her nana and grandpa watched after her til she was four. Wengie remebers the flight to Australia which was a huge adventure for her. When they landed in Melbourne is was cold and gloomy.

When Wengie saw her parents for the first time she cried because she didn’t know who they were and wanted her grandpa to take her back to China. Wengie’s family was pretty poor so she grew up with a lot of ROY toys. Wengie was obsessed with robots, transformers and ninja turtles. When she was seven her parents got new jobs and they moved to a nicer place in Sydney.

Dengue found it hard to make new friends at her new school because she was shy. During her first years of high school the Internet had came out. She would spend hours on the Internet chatting to total strangers. Wengie made her own website to showcase her drawings.

In her late years of high school her mom was pregnant with her little brother, Jim. Wengie wanted to be a fashion designer, but instead her parents wanted her to be an accounting. Wengie got a scholarship to be a accounting, where she spent three years at a University.

Wengie was a workaholic, who got an accounting job at a big company. She moved from home when she was twenty four. Four years into her job her boss told her about her poor performance.

Wengie ended up becoming a social media consultant, her new boss have her three new books to read. Wengie then got her first client, then twelve more. That’s when she decide to start her own blog about fashion and beauty. Wengie launched her channel in Febuary 11, 2013.


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