What Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort Has In Store for Guests

With the Ski-season just around the corner, resorts are bracing themselves for booming businesses, once more. Rarely does a ski-resort get it right. But, when it does, it pulls off an unbelievable feat of achievement. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows in Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular vacation destination in North America. It continues to attract and draw in visitors by the thousands.

Conquering New Peaks

Lake Tahoe Resort and its environs are renowned for their amazing and breathtaking ski resorts. Skiers get a rare opportunity to make new paths. They get a chance to scale greater heights and conquer new peaks. Guests are fascinated by the frozen lake surrounding the resort. The rugged mountainous landscape is challenging, even for the seasoned experts. No wonder the Alpine Meadows were chosen to play host to the 1960 Winter Olympics.

Features Available
For the beginners, there are the learning zones. Here, they get an opportunity to perfect their skill set before taking on the real terrifying slopes. These facilities are popular with families and for groups as well. They offer a vast plethora of services. The most outstanding of them are:-

– The resort has many chartered runs and paths. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has a total of 270 runs.

– It comes with a diverse terrain. The runs are divided into beginner level, intermediate, and the advanced grounds. Longest run measures 3.2 miles(5.1 kms)

– The facility has state-of-the-art lifts to ferry the guests up and down the ranges. The lifts are inclusive of a Gondola and a Tram car.

– The location experiences excellent climate. The snowfall thickness averages up to 460 inches.

– The terrain has summits and peaks reaching up to 9,050 meters. The dizzying vertical drops are some 2,850 meters.

– The resort has a proximity to the airport. It is linked and connected to other neighboring world-class ski resorts by lifts.

-Squaw Valley is home to incredible shops and dining places. For instance, there’s Mamasake bar offering cocktails and other refreshments to skiers. It is also home to top-rated pristine accommodation facilities.

– Lights illuminate the terrains at night.

– They have qualified instructors to guide the students through the learning process.

Humble Beginnings

Alpine Meadows began when Wayne Poulsen acquired 2,000 acres from the Southern Pacific Railroad Company in 1931. Mr. Poulsen was an experienced skier. He failed his Olympics trials coming in at third position. He, however, succeeded in teaming up with Alex Cushing, a lawyer, and, together they looked for funding and they eventually constructed Alpine Meadows.

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