Who Really is Ian King, a Renowned Expert in Cryptocurrency?

The contribution of Mr. Ian King is hard to be ignored in the blockchain technology and its various services thereof like cryptocurrencies. This heroic entrepreneur remembers when he first heard about cryptocurrencies back in 2013 from his friend and it was a hard nut to crack for him. The cryptocurrencies were to eliminate paperwork and consequently make good money for those who were willing to invest in it. But then no one was willing to hear about Ethereum or Bitcoin. But Mr. King has seen the market change especially after educating people as a cryptocurrency editor in the Banyan Hill. Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.

Ian King is one person who is very passionate and optimistic to the future of cryptocurrencies, and this made him resign from hedge fund career and start a personal website to educate people on buying and selling Ripple, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptos. Ian began his career at Salomon Brother where he served as a desk clerk and later moved to Citigroup as a Credit derivative. Then for over 10 years, he spent his career life in a New York-based hedge fund called Peahi Capital where he was the head trader. After discovering cryptos, he left his work and started a website where he advised cryptocurrency speculators.

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Mr. Ian grew up in New Jersey Shore where he was on the rescue team in this busy beach. From his rescuing mission, he learned the skill of assessing a situation and reacting to it quickly. He received his teaching degree at Waikato University and also has a B.S. in Psychology for he had some hopes of becoming a psychiatrist. Later he developed some passion for market trends and this could be the reason why he had an internship, Merrill Lynch. Trading and human psychology is a good combination for it help one to understand why people do what they do.

In any transaction where there is an exchange of value for goods and services, some intermediaries were necessary but with crypto, that is a history because of Ian’s contribution to digital money which makes the transfer of digital properties safe and secure. Ian King has helped many in the Sovereign Investor Daily that he publishes in the Banyan Hill. According to King, cryptocurrency is very much tradable and is really solving the real world problem. The supply of crypto asset is limited and this will give the cryptos value in the future the wheels have just started rolling and the rolling will continue being even faster. Read more at Talk Markets.

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