Why Property Investments have Been Made Easier by iFunding

Potential investors in the property market can now make their ventures without any worries of being conned of their hard earned money. This has been made possible by crowd funding company iFunding. The firm offers investors the opportunity to gain ownership of high end real estate property from as low as 5,000 dollars. The deals are done via a secure website, which ensures privacy. The firm was established by William Skelley and Sohin Shah. The former is its Chief Executive Officer.

The company’s platforms and procedures go hand in hand with a progressively auspicious monitoring atmosphere. This helps it come up with a “disruptive innovation”, which is constantly altering the crescendos of property ownership, and making profits from any deals made. The company has done extensive research about the real estate market. This has enabled it come up with a wide encompassing database, which has vital information about the local property scene. In addition, the database is updated regularly so that the needs of its clients are addressed effectively. .

To serve its customers better, the firm does prior checks to establish that the property has all documentation and is worth clients’ money. iFunding also ensures that it has a high resell value, which will guarantee high profits in the event that the investor decides to put it back on the market immediately thereafter. The firm also helps real estate developers to come into contact with prospective investors. This enables the developers to only focus on the development with no worries of finding buyers. This is in line with iFunding’s mission, which is to democratize property investments and financing.

About CEO William Skelley

William Skelley held senior management positions in major corporations prior to the formation of iFunding in 2012. These include a stint as the chief advisor as Rose Park Advisors LLC. Here, he was in charge of the company’s commercial expansion models. His area of focus was unsettling novelties, which appraised the investment prospects of startups. This was then used to bring a positive modification to the markets and consequently, create profits for Rose Park.

The alumnus of Harvard University and Hobart College has also worked at General Electric and Olympus Corporations in senior management positions. This has helped him develop sharp business acumen especially in asset management, unconventional ventures and venture funding. He has also built extensive networks and consulted for many organizations. Besides that, he is an accomplished public speaker. He helps shed light on issues surrounding real estate investments. Recently, he was mentioned as one of future leaders of the property market.  Through Angel.co William Skelley has worked to make iFunding a platform that challenges any other on the market.  Check out their Android app on Google.

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