Wireless Customers Take Notice FreedomPop is Here to Stay

There is a new wireless internet and mobile phone provider trying to take a big slice of business away from the huge carriers dominating the industry that’s been getting a lot of press from the tech industry, such as TechCrunch. FreedomPop is trying to do what many technology companies have attempted to do, lure customers away from pricey contract service with reliable data and voice communication services. The big difference with FreedomPop is that it seems to be working.

The company has managed to win fans and customers with a free data and voice plan that is included with branded devices. The way that FreedomPop operates is that it serves up a basic plan with a certain amount of minutes and data for free, once those caps are exhausted a small service charge for each MB of data is tacked on. However, users that stay under the cap get to use their devices with 4G or 3G speeds depending on locations absolutely free. In addition, the company offers up a number of hotspots and devices like the Freedom Spot Photon to allow for laptops and desktops to connect to the Internet for free as well.

As if free service was not compelling enough, the company offers up a number of hot devices for purchase to use along with the plans. Several Samsung Galaxy devices are included in the company’s portfolio; however, many devices already owned can be moved over to FreedomPop service including the iPad Mini and other tablets. Plus, the company offers international calling for the globetrotting set at a fraction of what it would cost on other carriers.

Once free basic service, extremely low per use charges, and barely there international calling rates (after getting 100 minutes of calling for free) are combined with some of the hottest gadgets around, the solution means that the future is likely extremely bright for FreedomPop. The company’s goal of providing free internet and phone service for Americans is definitely alive and well, and the aggressive pursuit of this goal is producing new subscribers and users every single month. The company has been so successful rumors of bigger carriers attempting to purchase it are popping up with regularity.

All things considered, FreedomPop has a strong management and technology team with years of experience in the industry the company is operating. The insight those professionals are able to leverage as an advantage in the highly competitive wireless internet world is proving to be priceless. One this is extremely certain at this point in time, competitors and customers should be taking FreedomPop seriously, because this is one technology company working for the long haul and for the big gain. Expect to hear more good things about this company for years to come.

Here are some external links to connect with FreedomPop on the web before making the switch: Their official website; Their official Twitter profile; Their official Facebook page

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